What are you truly hungry for?

What are you wanting more of in your life?

Do you feel trapped in a love/hate relationship with food?

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try to fight off those urges to binge, overeat, or purge, they control you anyway?

Do you struggle with cravings and emotional or stress triggers that are affecting your weight and happiness?

Do you look in the mirror and dislike what you see...feeling fat and unattractive...filled with self-criticism? Are YOU at the bottom of your priority list? Do you view yourself as a problem that needs to be fixed?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you are in the right place! 

There is nothing wrong with YOU! Your hunger signals are not off, you are not lacking in will power, and you are not damaged! Your body is not the Enemy! What you think is a damaged relationship with your body and food actually may be a powerful gift to helping you overcome your struggles with food and your weight -- once and for all. Your urge to binge, purge, overeat or restrict is a powerful message your body is sending you. It’s a message that once you learn how to listen to and decipher it, provides a step-by-step map to reclaiming a healthy relationship with your body and finding freedom with your food.

You are not alone with these feelings. Our issues with food and weight are just the doorway into deeper, more important dimensions of our self. I, too, have struggles with emotional triggers that have sabotaged my life and happiness for years. Read my story.

Stop beating yourself up with diets that don’t work and leave you feeling frustrated, disappointed and like a failure. Begin to live life from a place of love, self-acceptance, freedom, and enjoyment rather than from a place of shame, guilt, regret or remorse.

Stop waiting for your real life to begin!

What is restricting or holding you back from living the life you truly deserve?

Is it physical hunger or something more? Support - fulfillment - belonging - freedom

What sweetness are you missing in your life? Love - tenderness - intimacy

Have you tried everything, but nothing seems to work? I've got lots of tools that can help!

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