Mindful Eating vs. Mindless Eating

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Did you know that the difference between mindful eating and eating mindlessly can make a difference of about 4-5 pounds?

Studies have shown that when you eat mindfully you naturally eat smaller servings, reduce weight and BMI, and enjoy your food more.

Tips to eating mindfully and enjoying your food more…

  • tune into your hunger level before eating. Briefly do a hunger scan to help prevent eating emotionally or from stress.
  • eat until satisfied not full. There is a difference, by the time you perceive that you are full you have probably overeaten.
  • eat slowly and savor your food. Engage all of your senses (taste, smell, appearance, texture, sound) and chew food well when you eat.
  • become a “choosy” eater. Intentionally select foods that taste good, satisfy nutritional needs and are enjoyable.  Tailor foods to your particular taste.
  • pay attention to food when eating. Eat with awareness and don’t multi-tasking or nibble when stressed.  Sometimes it’s changing how you eat more than what you eat.
  • even if you overeat on occasion, don’t feel guilty, obsess or beat yourself up. Simply adjust your eating and behavior for the next meal. 
Lorrie Beck is the Founder of Lorrie Beck Coaching, a fitness company that specializes in training triathletes of all levels. She also works with individuals who want to change their relationship with food and their bodies. To schedule a 15-minute Breakthrough Session to see how Lorrie can help you, email her at ybfitlbeck@comcast.net.

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