Coaching Services

Custom Training Plans to Fit Your Life

Multi-Sport Coaching

If your passion is competing in multi-sport racing, I can help you increase your strength and endurance and provide you with detailed workout sessions to include swimming, cycling, and running tailored to meet your goals and fit into your life.  

Run Coaching

Whether your goal is to get off the couch and complete your first 5K or to improve your marathon time, I will help you reach your goal through a personalized, well-balanced training program.  I will analyze your form and mechanics, show you running drills, and make you a better runner.

Swim Coaching

Are you intimated by the water?  I will help you work through your fear of the water and become a successful swimmer.  Are you swimming but not getting faster?  I will show you the drills and techniques to improve your efficiency and speed in the water.

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is a critical aspect of being a competitive athlete.  I will educate you on how foods affect your body to become more metabolically efficient.  I will change your mindset around food, so you know what foods to choose to properly fuel your body during races, to fuel your training and recovery, and to maintain a healthy diet that fits your lifestyle. 

All Coaching Includes

Initial fitness and nutrition evaluation, form analysis, detailed weekly workouts customized for you, core and strength training, race strategies, monthly meetings with Lorrie, email and phone support anytime.

Why Choose Lorrie Beck Coaching?

I build a relationship with you to understand your goals and your challenges.  I schedule open water and pool swims and get in the water with you to evaluate your stroke or run with you to analyze your gait.  I organize group and individual rides to review your riding form and to have fun with like-minded athletes. 

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