What Your Scale Doesn’t Tell You!

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Do the Numbers on Your Scale Determine Your Mood for the Day?

Do you wake up every morning and the first thing you do is weigh yourself? Does that number determine your mood or whether you’re going to have a “good or bad” day?

Your bathroom scale is not your friend! The number on the scale doesn’t measure your value or worth. It shouldn’t determine if you have a good or bad day. The scale shouldn’t be a source of stress.The scale only gives you a number at a specific point in time without giving you the whole picture. Your weight can fluctuate between 3-7 pounds from day to day depending on many factors. (hydration, salt intake, food intake, types of food, hormones, stress level, sleep, etc..) Not only does your weight change every day, it also changes at different times through a single day. That number doesn’t indicate your overall health. The scale doesn’t measure changes in body composition or BMI, such as loss or gain of muscle tissue or fat. You may see a false weight gain with increase muscle mass, or a loss of muscle tissue happens quicker and easier than fat. But loss of muscle tissue is not a good thing.

Because your weight is made up of many different elements and can fluctuate for so many different reasons, assessing your weight by tracking your body composition is a much better way to determine how you’re meeting your goals.

Weight loss goals should be 1-2 pounds per week; more than that it’s either water weight or loss of lean muscle tissue. Fat takes up more space than muscle so a better indication is the loss of inches; go by how your clothes are fitting!

If you must weigh yourself, only do it 1 time per week at the same time under similar conditions. Weighing yourself just once a week will give you a more accurate read — you’ll allow time for the scale to actually show weight loss. The number on the scale will help you figure out if you need to make adjustments to what you’re eating or how you’re exercising. Look for consistent steady and gradual changes in your weight every 2-4 weeks. Get your body composition analyzed and track your percentage of body fat. If you diet and exercise properly with enough patience and determination, you will reach your goals.

Don’t let the scale trick you!  Better yet Throw Away Your Scale!  Don’t let a piece of metal or plastic have that much control over your mood, self-image or confidence. What you weigh is not who you are!


Health & Happiness!!


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