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There is an athlete inside of everyone. Are you ready to reveal yours?


My mission is to help each and every individual believe in their athletic abilities and achieve their fitness goals.


Lorrie Beck is a motivated and dedicated endurance athlete with more than 25 years of experience as a triathlete and runner. She works with female and male athletes of all levels who want to improve their performances and overall fitness. Lorrie offers coaching and training programs for runners and multi-sport athletes and, with her nutrition background, can help you improve your overall diet for optimum performance.


Lorrie Beck understands that no two athletes are physically the same; each athlete’s available time to train, their level of fitness, athletic potential and training/racing goals are unique. Her caring thoughtful approach unlocks your hidden potential and brings out your very best. She doesn’t just look for results or ability in the athletes she works with but their passion and drive.


She also knows what it’s like to win races. Lorrie will help you discover your motivation, tweak your mental and nutritional strategies, and get you to your next goal, whatever it may be. She has been involved in many facets of multi-sports from racing, coaching, officiating and volunteering. She has learned and worked with some of the best in the field. She enjoys sharing what she has learned with her athletes to help them achieve their goals. She knows what it’s like to struggle on the bike or run; to NOT be able to swim the entire length; or to break down mentally during a competition.


As a top age group athlete she knows what it takes to be successful at any level. Lorrie works closely with all her athletes to ensure that their training is designed to fit their life.


Lorrie’s passion and enthusiasm for multi-sports is contagious. She is there for you if you need extra motivation, support or accountability to accomplish your goals. She’ll help you develop a winning mindset by instilling a greater sense of self-confidence and empowerment by to help you work through your fears.


Involved in sports both as an athlete and as a coach most of her life, Lorrie is still very active and trains vigorously to compete in Triathlons and Duathlons at the National and World levels. She has competed in National and World Championships and has earned “All American” status for the past years. She is a good example of balancing fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


Lorrie earned her BS degree in Family Consumer Science Education with an emphasis in Food and Nutrition at Iowa State University and her MS degree in Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health. She has her Health Teaching Certification from Rowan University. Her passion for nutrition and living an active, healthy lifestyle has led her to continue her education. Lorrie has her certification as a Health and Nutrition Counselor from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.


Lorrie’s other credentials include:

  • Certified Level One USAT Multi-Sport Coach
  • USA Triathlon Certified Youth/Junior Coach
  • Certified USAT Official
  • Certified Trainer for Personal Fitness, Strength & Conditioning, and Pilates
  • High School Track and Cross Country Coach for 28 Years
  • Certified Nutrition & Health Coach
  • Certified Metabolic Efficiency Coach
  • Member, American Association of Drug-less Practitioners
  • 25 years of competitive racing in running, triathlon and duathlon events at the national and world levels

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