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Running the Trails: A Simple Way to Improve Your Run

Run faster on the road by getting off the road. Trail running has a lot going for it. 


Here are some of the advantages to finding a trail to run:


1. Better Form & Fewer Injuries – The soft surfaces of trails mean less impact on the body.  The softer surface usually has a more uneven ground which helps with balance, agility, coordination and efficiency.  Your stride is always changing and forcing you to correct foot position and form.  Obstacles (roots, rocks, logs, etc.) make your stride shorter and more compact.  Trail running will transfer to a more comfortable and efficient feel on the road.


2.  Mental Break – Trail running can be more relaxing and less stressful.  The fresh air is great for clearing your mind.  The change in environment can lift your spirits and reduce boredom from road running.  You get away from the pollution and traffic that can be stressful to the body.  Trail running can give you a new found freedom.


3.  Less Recovery Time – The softer surfaces allows your muscles to recover quicker.   It is also good for a recovery run.  Trails, especially technical trials, encourage you to slow down and relax.


4.  Leg Strength and Power – Trails can be a good way to strengthen your leg muscles.  The terrain usually has some rolling to more difficult hills along with uneven surfaces help to strengthen your supporting muscles too.  Trail running forces your small muscles and tendons in the ankles, knees, and hips to become stronger and more flexible which helps reduce the risk of injury.

By incorporating trail running into your training you can improve your run efficiency,
mental focus and race time on the road. 

Happy Trails to You! 

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